It’s Time to Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen Tools

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What could be better than a camping trip? A camping trip with all your favorite meals. Whether you’re following a beloved family recipe or experimenting with new flavors, you need the right tools to turn the campsite into a functional kitchen space. That’s why OXO created its line of outdoor cooking and cleaning tools—so you can bring the taste of home on every adventure. To get the full story on this wishlist-worthy collection, we tapped Mack Mor, principal engineer at OXO and one of the great minds behind the outdoor products.

Outside: Why did OXO create a line of outdoor cooking and cleaning tools?

Mack Mor: The OXO team noticed a gap in the market between tools created for lightweight backpackers and tools made exclusively for home use. We identified distinct groups—overlanders, van lifers, RVers, and car campers—who ventured into the outdoors with more room for gear than backpackers. This demographic sought tools that transcended the functionality of typical backpacking gear while retaining the portable, compact, and robust characteristics necessary for outdoor adventures. Campers told us they wanted to make at-home-caliber meals but needed better tools to do it. 

The OXO Outdoor 4-Piece Camp Stove Cooking Set
The OXO Outdoor 4-Piece Camp Stove Cooking Set is durable, compact, and the perfect addition to your camp kitchen kit. (Photo: OXO Outdoor)

The OXO tools are designed to take the comforts of home outdoors. Wherever adventure takes you, OXO Outdoor elevates your outdoor experience, from packing to cooking and cleaning. 

How did OXO develop its line of outdoor products?

To find out what outdoor experts need most when cooking outside, we went into the field (a.k.a. campgrounds). Take the new camp-minded Outdoor Cutting Board and Tray Set, for example. OXO cutting boards for in-home use work great, but we noticed campsites rarely have enough clean, flat surfaces for food prep. The solution? We added a thick, sturdy tray that nests around the cutting board, barely increasing the packing footprint while doubling the prep space. You can use the tray to gather and organize ingredients or as a second cutting board if two people need to get dinner ready fast while the light is fading. 

What’s special about OXO’s collection of outdoor cooking and cleanup gear? 

OXO’s hallmark is the rigorous testing it performs on each product to ensure its longevity. With the Outdoor line, we elevated this scrutiny to withstand the elements and tested each tool using:

  • High levels of UV exposure to ensure products won’t degrade in the sun.
  • Salt spray corrosion to make sure tools won’t rust over time.
  • Drop and abuse testing to simulate getting rattled around in a car.
  • Field testing to see how products fare with campers in the great outdoors.
OXO Outdoor Campgrounds French Press
The OXO Outdoor Campgrounds French Press can brew eight cups of smooth, rich coffee anytime, anywhere. (Photo: OXO Outdoor)

What are your favorite products in the OXO Outdoor collection?

The Outdoor Santoku Knife with Locking Sheath is currently my favorite piece. During our research, we noticed that most people brought old kitchen knives on camping trips for cooking. We saw a lot of jury-rigged sheaths with minimal attention to safety (blades wrapped in paper towels, taped-up cardboard, and aluminum foil). 

Most knives with sheaths are secured by a friction fit. OXO set out to make a reliable retention mechanism so you can safely pack the knife in a backpack. We shortened the blade for better packability and easier maneuvering on small cutting boards. Finally, we selected corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a polished finish for the best chance at fighting rust, which is especially important since we observed outdoor knives are often packed up wet. 

OXO Outdoor 5.5in Santoku Knife with Locking Sheath
The OXO Outdoor Santoku Knife with Locking Sheath has a comfortable nonslip handle and a locking sheath to protect the blade and your fingers. (Photo: OXO Outdoor)

The Outdoor 3-in-1 Squeegee and Scraper, which helps to clean off any lingering bits of food and grime from dishes or utensils, is another handy favorite. I also use the tool to remove burnt-on bits from grill grates and pans with the little notch at the top of the scraper. It’s satisfying to use and adds a bit of delight when cleaning outdoors. 

Why will outdoor enthusiasts love OXO Outdoor? 

While camping, some people expect to give up at-home luxuries surrounding food prep, meal quality, and cleaning, but we think it’s time to improve their experience with thoughtfully designed outdoor gear. OXO Outdoor is a complete collection to take you from food prep to cleanup, all with outdoor performance, durability, and packability in mind. 

Where’s the best place to purchase products in the OXO Outdoor collection?

The best place to purchase OXO Outdoor products is directly from our website.

OXO makes products that span several home and outdoor categories: cooking, baking, cleaning, storage and organization, coffee, baby. OXO consistently challenges convention, solving problems and anticipating needs with thoughtful design solutions. OXO is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, committing 1 percent of annual sales to support food-based nonprofits.